Mike Hoare voices regrets, ha ha!!!

It had to happen. Someone has figured out how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to 'resurrect' four of the mercenary leaders in the Congo and, what's more, to get them to voice their regrets, believe it or not, to online military enthusiasts.

The four are Colonel Mike Hoare, the most famous of them all for his role leading 5 Commando in 1964/5 to defeat the Simba rebels; Bob Denard who was the leader of 6 Commando and who is described as a French fascist; Jean Schramme, described as a Belgian coloniser; and Siegfried Muller, who is described as a German nazi, but who in fact was a small-part player of no consequence.

This so-called resurrection has come to light in an exhibition called "AI Attacks" at the Foam Museum in Amsterdam, which will close only on 25 August 2024. The artist is Paolo Cirio.

The main work is entitled 'Resurrect' and deals with the use of AI for cloning individuals and spreading disinformation.

According to the blurb, "Cirio used AI to reanimate faces and voices using archive material and by training AI on his historical research to make them tell the truth about their complicity in war crimes. Their new anti-militarist propaganda and crime probes were then spread on social media channels where these mercenaries are still considered war heroes."

Cirio even goes so far as to say that the four were linked to the death or assassination of Dag Hammarsjkold, the UN secretary-general in a plane crash in 1961.

The art installation physically reassembles the resurrected mercenaries by featuring their skulls, military insignia, and uniforms from the epoch. Four monitors mounted on poles act as talking heads for each mercenary.

Be all that as it may, one has to say that the talking head of Mike Hoare in the video is not a bad likeness, likewise the voice, and it might fool a one or two people. His actual words, though, must be regarded as deep fake.

A grab from the AI video that ostensibly shows Mike Hoare voicing his regrets.

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