‘Mad Mike’ reads all his own works for sale as audio books

‘Mad Mike’ was multi-talented, no doubt about it. At school he was good at cricket, soccer, debating and crosswords. After school he became a crack shot and a brilliant leader of men in the British Army, becoming a major at the age of 26, and soon qualified as a chartered accountant. He attached great importance to good manners and being cultured, and knew his Shakespeare and other literature, and loved classical music. In the 50s in southern Africa he became something of an adventurer and safari leader, before getting back into soldiering, this time as the leader of a mercenary force in Katanga.

When he was in his early 90s, Mike built on his talent for writing and agreed to read all seven of his works for Audible.com (www.audible.com). Luckily, one of his sons, Tim, had his own recording studio in Cape Town, and so it was that all the books authored by ‘Mad Mike’ are now available as audio books – read by Mike himself. You can of course listen to free samples of Mike reading from his books on Audible. The prices at the time of writing vary from $4,59 to $24,14.

Tim remembers the recording sessions very well. “Mike had paid special attention to pronunciation throughout his life and this served him well in the studio. His reading voice was classic BBC-style English. Recording him was easy as he was able to read whole pages at a time without an error. If he stumbled, we’d keep rolling and he’d go back to the beginning of the sentence and read from there. His stamina was extraordinary. All he needed was a table, a microphone and a glass of water.

“We’d lay down between an hour and two hours per day. Later in the day I would clean up the recordings and remove extraneous sounds such as dogs barking, peacocks screeching and the odd helicopter flying over the studio.

"It was also the first time I’d heard him do accents. The family all knew he loved French and its proper pronunciation. So it came as a surprise when he slipped into Cockney-French for the sentences said by his men in the Congo to the French-speaking inn keepers.

“Another accent I’d never heard was his version of a New York Jewish art dealer “. . . nightvotch, nightvotch . . .” We had to take a break after that for me to recover.”

‘Mad Mike’ reads all his own works for sale as audio books

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