Mike Hoare books for sale

A box set of new softcover reprints of all seven (excluding Mokoro) of Mike Hoare’s books is now available. All of the books are also available as single copies. Mike Hoare has signed all the books. Please contact Chris Hoare for a quote using the Contact tab, and say what you are interested in and in which country you reside.

Also, if you are interested in ‘Wild Geese’ and 5 Commando patches with an A4 certificate signed by Mike Hoare (US $ 58), commemorative coins, signed photographs (US $ 25) and the like, please make contact via the Contact tab.

From time to time, secondhand copies of the originally printed Mike Hoare books, signed by Mike Hoare, become available. For example, hardcover copies of The Seychelles Affair and the softcover Mercenary, which was first published as Congo Mercenary, are often available. New signed copies of Mike Hoare’s Mokoro are always available. Priced to go, they make nice gifts. Also Mike’s rare Three Years with Sylvia and Anthony Mockler’s The New Mercenaries which is the standard work on the subject of mercenary soldiering.

Also, most of Mike Hoare’s books are available as audio books on www.audible.com. You will hear Mike Hoare himself reading his books, and doing an excellent job of it. The prices fluctuate, but most books are priced around US $ 5.00

Below is a list of all the books Mike wrote, and has had published. (The stories in Mokoro are summarised in ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare: The Legend, and also appear in toto in Mike Hoare’s Adventures in Africa.)

  • Congo Mercenary
  • Congo Warriors
  • The Road to Kalamata
  • The Seychelles Affair
  • Three Years with ‘Sylvia’
  • Mike Hoare’s Adventures in Africa
  • Mokoro – A cry for help!
  • The Last Days of the Cathars