I started researching this book in 2005, once Mike had given the project his blessing. Even so, it was always a touchy subject with him as he does not like publicity. Nevertheless in 2006 he granted me five long interviews, and much of what he said is reflected in the pages of my book. Mike, for his part, never showed any interest in the biography and never read a word of the book prior to publication.

During the research process, I was helped by countless people. I was stunned at the kindness I was shown. People spontaneously sent me or gave me photographs, formerly top secret documents, archival material, and shared their own stories with me.

In the editing of the manuscript, I removed some 25 000 words. My intention is to share some of these words with you in my Blog.

I invite you to come back to my Blog and also to the Gallery tab, from time to time.